How to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

To increase traffic on your blog, you need a solid plan of action since a good page rank alone cannot generate enough traffic to your blog. However, you can increase traffic on your blog with the same factors that improve your page rank. Guest blogging as well as creating quality articles is a sure way to increase inbound links to your site which translates to more traffic on your blog.

To fully succeed in increasing traffic to your blog, you not only need quality content but plenty of it as well as posting on guest blogs in an organized manner that will fuse all your ideas together. The best way to make it work is by researching on the appropriate keywords that are likely to generate a sizable amount of traffic to your site. To start with, create a number of articles using the keywords you identified making sure you don’t use too many of them.

This should then be followed with more articles using the same keywords. More detailed articles should then follow that detail certain aspects of the initial article. These articles are then used as guest posts through article directories after being rewritten to make them different from the original ones before they are posted. Once this is done, it gives two back links to your blog out of which one link leads to the initial article with the relevant keywords.

For instance if you decide to create an article on ‘tips about blogging,’ you can proceed to post it on your blog only. After that create 6 to 8 different aspects about ‘tips about blogging,’ which can be guessed blogged, sent to article directories as well as posting it on your own blog. These system works because of the additional articles since the original article potentially has several other articles that can be made out of it. Therefore search engines relay more readers to your blog due to increased value of the post of a standalone blog posting.

To generate a sizable amount of traffic to your blog involves a lot of work since it involves the first post which is then followed by the distribution of 6 to 8 supporting articles. This is the only way interested readers can find their way to your blog through the search engine optimization made possible by the help of distributed articles. With only a single initial article a month, it is a process that can be done easily even for several blogs as long as the returns are worth the trouble.

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