A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Successful …

A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Successful and Lucrative Blog

There are numerous advantages to having a personal blog. A blog is basically an online diary or journal if you like that allows you to communicate with your target audience by giving them valuable and useful informative content. A blog can also be a source of money where you can place AdSense, banner ads of affiliate products and stuff or even promote your own services and products and make them available to an online audience.

Because blogs are like physical diaries, they are or rather should be updated regularly. If you know something about search engine marketing, you should be knowing that the search engines love fresh content, which means that they will love and prefer blogs to any other source of content. Therefore, if you know how to take advantage of a blog, you can drive lots of targeted traffic from the blog to your site or that of your affiliate. Here is how you should blog and use the blog to your advantage.

The first step when thinking of blogging is to clearly define the purpose or goal of the blog. Take the time to think about the kind of blog that you want to start creating — will it be a blog where you will write product reviews, politics, entertainment, celebrity gossip, marketing tops, and simply promoting and advertising your business, albeit indirectly? Once you identify the theme of your blog, you can then start forming and coming up with ideas about how you can make the blog interesting and unique.

The second step involved in blogging is finding out the things required for blogging. In addition to defining the theme of your blog, plus the obvious internet and computer, if you opt to be hosting your own blog, you will need a hosting account and a domain, otherwise, you can start off with the free blogging websites available online. The first and the second steps are the most critical as your readers can be able to tell if you have or haven’t put enough thought into it.

The third step involves the actual act of setting the blog up. There are two ways in which you can set up the blog. First you can opt to set it up with a free blog site such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com and secondly you may opt to host your own blog. Each of these two methods has its pros and cons. For one, hosting your own blog has some flexibility as you can do whatever you want with it.

However, if you are a budding blogger, it can confuse you and may be time consuming, hence the reason to opt for using free blog sites. As for the free blog sites, setting a blog up is easy and quick and will have a professional looking blog as it only entails following the steps provided. However, you will not get a personal domain name meaning which is not a good marketing strategy as you will not be marketing your brand.

The last step is very simple, start blogging. Just ensure you update your blogs very frequently and stay within your theme.

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