5 Sure Ways to Make Money Using your Blog

Blogging to make money is not such a difficult venture though you need to put in some real effort to realize tangible results. There are several factors that determine the success of blogging to make money. The following are the key factors that must be considered:


Your visitors deserve good quality content to make them come back again to your site. With this, you get their loyalty as well as trust – that eventually makes it easier for them to buy products as well as services you have to offer. Apart from that, your blog is likely to get more traffic when it gets indexed on many different keywords when you have plenty of good quality content on your blog.

Keywords and back linking

To generate adequate traffic on your blog, back links as well as keywords are very crucial. This is very important since it is impossible to make any money without visitors coming on your blog.

However, you can generate sufficient traffic from search engine using back links with low competition keywords from social bookmarking sites, article directories among others.

Affiliate program

It is easier to start the promotion of affiliate products when you have great quality content on your site that is attractive to your readers. Each sale you make earns you a commission as long as the link is from your site. ClickBank.com is an ideal site for information products promotion, whereas you can find all kinds of product for promotion at Commission Junction. All these are great affiliate programs that can earn you good money through your blog.


You can also make good money through AdSense on your blog. All you have to do is get some ads on your blog by opening an account with AdSense. You get paid when any of your visitors click on the ads on your blog. Your visitors are more likely to click on the ads on your blog since they are very specific as well as relevant to your niche.

Your own product

You can make your own product and sell it on your blog instead of selling products of other people as an affiliate. The fact that you can create your own product is a motivating factor for some people and they prefer it over affiliate programs though it is time consuming to create a great product. However, your blog ought to have relevant quality content that is pleasing to your visitors before they can feel secure to try out your product.

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